Big boy leaves home reader response

Us at a family wedding last spring! Understatement of the year, perhaps? A topic that comes up over and over again in our Uber Frugal Month Facebook conversations, as well as our Frugalwoods Facebook pagenot to mention the comments section of the blog and my email inbox A LOT!!! How do I explain to them that I am trying to conserve my money for a bigger purpose?

Big boy leaves home reader response

Share your opinionand see what others are saying. Photo by Murray Close. As the excitement about J. Thus, 24 children armed with axes and swords and arrows charge into the woods and engage in a slaughter, while the rich and heartless watch it all through hidden cameras as a reality-TV show.

The Hunger Games focuses on year-old Katniss Everdeen who, volunteering to fight in order to save her younger sister from certain death, joins the local baker boy — Peeta Mellark — in representing District Here is their email conversation about what they saw.

Hannah, thanks for going to the sneak preview of The Hunger Games with me. But I was impressed. But at least it acknowledges those dilemmas. That makes it braver and more thoughtful than most American adventure movies.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence was impressive as Katniss. Thus, the poor girl must venture out into the cruel world of adults, commerce, and compromise, where she is forced to fight like an animal for the sake of her family just like Katniss. What did you think of the film as an adaptation of the book?

Were director Gary Ross and his co-writers Billy Ray and Collins herself faithful in their adaptation? Are the themes of the book conveyed sufficiently in the film? This book wants to be a movie.

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They knew a lot of readers will demand they get the details right. Certainly, elements in the book are pared down or eliminated. In the book, Katniss is pretty much already a grownup when it comes to having to provide for her family; she knows how to hunt, barter, and trade to survive.

Once she leaves for the Capitol and the Games, Katniss is always aware that she is being watched, not just by the glamorous spectators in the Capitol but also by everyone back home. There was a great moment where she climbs into a tree, hears a faint noise of a camera lens zoom, and realizes the camera is in the knot of the tree right next to her.

Katniss is very aware that her story is being edited, shaped, and used to reinforce an unjust political system. This is one of the biggest questions the book asks: What does it mean for such a violent spectacle to be broadcast in great detail, as entertainment?

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Having not read the book, did you feel that the film was asking you this question? And how do you think The Hunger Games compares to other movies e. We think of the cameras all over our cities and college campusesand about the ways in which our online activities are tracked.

In my opinion, we should look closely, because the ending of this movie is deeply troubling! Katniss has made some very smart moves, but she has also compromised. As a result, she has fractured one of her most important relationships, and set the stage for a different kind of competition … one that reminds me of Twilight.

Big boy leaves home reader response

That should give us pause. The Truman Show ended with a triumph of character over conformity, truth over entertainment. The Hunger Games does not.

And the filmmakers have fallen short in the same way. This is a story in which children are forced into a game where they are required to kill each other or die, so it should disturb us.

I think it should be R-rated. They want to make her admirably rebellious against the System.Response OnScreen takes on The Hunger Games and asks if Katniss Everdeen is really a hero.

Does the filmmaker gloss over important ethical questions? and now it’s a big-screen movie bound for blockbusting success. especially once she leaves home to participate in the Games.

In the book, Katniss is pretty much already a grownup when . For my reader-response theory post, “I am too big to climb and play” said the boy. Note that the reader isn’t told what he does when he leaves, and it’s left up to our interpretation to “fill in the gaps” regarding why the boy always return so unhappy.

“Big Boy leaves home” plays to Wright’s common theme of oppression, especially of black males in the Deep South. Big Boy is an innocent youth caught up in the oppression of being black and is forced to run for his life to survive.

The brutal imagery that Wright uses when describing the torture and death [ ]. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. She certainly knows nothing about surviving on the streets when she leaves home, and as a reader I breathed a sigh of relief when the first person she comes across is kind hearted and willing to help.

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