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Sky writing ads for money

Edna Pickett's sophomore English class, circapoetry became my passion. Undoubtedly, as she composed this poem, she kept in mind the following biblical claim from Genesis 1: Both Eastern and Wester religious philosophical expound principles that the Divine Creator created His children in His image.

Brain Power The Brain—is wider than the Sky— For—put them side by side— The one the other will contain With ease—and You—beside— The first stanza contrasts the brain with the sky claiming that the brain is wider because it can think about the sky and at the same time can think about the person who is thinking about the sky, and it can perform this operation easily.

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More Brain Power The Brain is deeper than the sea— For—hold them—Blue to Blue— The one the other will absorb— As Sponges—Buckets—do— The second stanza contrasts the brain with the sea asserting that the brain can take in the sea as a sponge sucks up a bucket of water, once again referencing the vast thinking ability of the brain.

This stanza inflicts an interpretive difficulty; certain readers might mistakenly believe that the speaker is making a blasphemous assertion that the brain and God the same. However, such a claim is without merit. Almighty God—the Divine Beloved and Father of All— is rightly considered to be above and greater than all His creations.

The human brain thus is only one of God's many creations, so to claim that "The Brain is just the weight of God" may at first without due reflection seem as if the speaker means that they are equal. However, the blasphemy charge can be denied with a closer look at what the poem actually does, especially in the last three lines of the last stanza: The sky and the sea are huge creations, and yet the brain can conceive of them as ideas, which means that the brain can hold them—or at least hold the ideas of them.

As the speaker makes her claim that the brain and God are close in essence, she places forth the fact that they do differ—they differ one from the other as a "syllable" differs from a "sound.

However, because the aim of her speculation is to celebrate the significance as well as vastness of the brain's capabilities, the speaker avers that the brain and God are similar.

After all, it is the brain that conceives the notion of God. Still, God remains greater than the brain because while the brain is a syllable, God is sound, or the brain is a representation of God, as a syllable is a representation of sound. Dickinson's Titles Emily Dickinson did not provide titles to her 1, poems; therefore, each poem's first line becomes the title.

Life Sketch of Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson remains one of the most fascinating and widely researched poets in America. Much speculation abounds regarding some of the most known facts about her.

sky writing ads for money

For example, after the age of seventeen, she remained fairly cloistered in her father's home, rarely moving from the house beyond the front gate.

Yet she produced some of the wisest, deepest poetry ever created anywhere at any time. Regardless of Emily's personal reasons for living nun-like, readers have found much to admire, enjoy, and appreciate about her poems.

Though they often baffle upon first encounter, they reward readers mightily who stay with each poem and dig out the nuggets of golden wisdom. Emily was the second child of three:Getting writing help from SpeedyPaper, you preserve your academic reputation.

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