The role of monks in medieval society

A medieval friar followed a certain kind of lifestyle which was based on the concept of penance as laid down in the Gospel and travelled to spread the word of God.

The role of monks in medieval society

In a monastery or abbey Monks live in monasteries, and nuns live in convents or in monasteries. Who are monks and nuns? They are those who took a vow of celibacy which means they will never marry and dedicate their entire lives to God and the service of the Church.

They usually spend many man…y arduous hours is study and prayer and special work. They are very committed and selfless people. People become monks and nuns because of their convictions. Theyfeel a call on their lives to serve God as nuns and monks. Why do monks and nuns become monks or nuns?

People choose to become monks and nuns because they wish to dedicate their lives absolutely to God and the the work of God or indeed to the work of their respective religion …- be it Buddhism or Hinduism. In choosing to do this, they put no thing and no one before their faith, and are absolute.

They seek God by living pure lives; following the example of prophets before them and Christian monks follow the example of Jesus, who is not believed a prophetaiming to become more like God, and to go to Heaven.

They become monks and nuns to be separate from society, to escape the temptations of society and the world, and to seek sanctity, living a Godly life. You would not become a monk or nun for the money, as you may not receive any and will live off natural products grown by yourself under the grace of God, but yet you gain greater riches than you could deem imaginable in the Kingdom of God in Heaven, and on Earth you live a good and satisfying life too.

What are monks and nuns?

Medieval Friars Duties

They are men and women who have completely dedicated their lives to their spiritual path. They usually cloister themselves in their temples, turning away from materialism and …the confusion of every day life. Catholic Answer In Christianity monks are male religious who remove themselves from the world and take vows of obedience, stability, and Conversatio Morum.

Stability means that he vows to remain in his monastery until death, and conversatio Morum is an ancient monastic term which loosely translated means conversion of manners, it means that he is going to live the life of a monk.

This term includes the poverty and chastity that other religious orders take. Nuns are religious women, like men, that have removed themselves from the world and taken the same vows, they are cloistered, a technical term in the Church which physically means that they are behind bars - the bars are not to keep them in, but to keep the world out.

What was the role of monks and nuns in middle age music? The monks were the keepers of learning. In a time when know one read the monks copied text from ancient Greece and Rome and wrote books on the bible.

They made such books as t…he Book of Kells which is a true art form as well as a book. They also provided lodging for travelers and at times medical help. The monks also wrote and sang the Georgian chants that we still have today.

Medieval Friars Daily routine

The nuns were much more reserved and kept to the nunnery and much less active. They did have chants they sang as well. What roles did monks and nuns play in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox life?

Monks and nuns began to play important roles in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox life. They ran hospitals and schools and aided the poor.

They also helped preserve Greek an…d Roman writings. One important duty was to serve as missionaries. Missionaries teach their religion to those who do not believe.

The role of monks in medieval society

What was the role of monks and nuns in medieval history? Same as it is today to see to the religious education and souls of man. Monks often copied books by hand and wrote books. They were one of the few groups that could read and w…rite.The lives of many Medieval people including various orders of monks and nuns were dedicated to to the Catholic church and religion.

This was also a period of great change in the Christian church. Life in the Middle Ages. Search this site. Navigation. Home. For Teachers Sitemap.

Importance of the Church‎ > ‎ Monks and Nuns. As you have learned, religion played a major role in life during the Middle Ages. This is known as the Gregorian Chant.

Click play and close your eyes to visualize being in a medieval monastery amongst. The lives of many Medieval people including various orders of monks and nuns were dedicated to to the Catholic church and religion. This was also a period of great change in the Christian church.

A medieval monk, just like monks today, was a man who decided to devote his entire life to the worship and praise of God. Medieval Friars role in society The status of a medieval friar in society was one of a preacher and thus he earned respect for his religions missions.

His preaching activities also acquired importance in the urban centres and it was not uncommon for students educated at . Due to their holy behavior and intellectual stature, the Medieval monks were highly praised by the entire society. The monk became the ideal of the Middle Ages.

Every father wanted his son to become one. Even Kings like Carloman of the Franks, Rochis of the Lombards, great statesmen like Cassiodorus, and others, voluntarily became monks.

Daily Life of a Monk in the Middle Ages