Unit 27 p2 describe the requirements

Introduction The mission of the Spatial Data on the Web Working Groupas described in its charteris to clarify and to formalize standards on spatial data on the Web. This document describes the results of the first steps of working towards these goals.

Unit 27 p2 describe the requirements

Martin, 51m The innermost grouping of practices within Ron Jeffries' Agile Circle of Life, are the programming practices. Test Driven Development Simple Design Pair Programming We've already spent a lot of time, in previous episodes, talking about the first two of these practices; so in this episode we'll simply review them, and spend more of our time talking about how they fit into the overall Agile discipline.

Unit 27 p2 describe the requirements

This is important because being an effective agile team depends, critically, on these practices. Being Agile, depends upon being simple.

But being simple depends upon being clean. But being clean depends upon being free and able to do the cleaning. If you are afraid to clean, you won't clean, you can't be simple, and you will fail being agile.

It's really as simple as that. So we'll talk about simplicity. We'll epand on Kent Beck's four qualities of simple design: You Aren't Going to Need It. In the end, we'll make the point that being simple is very hard and requires a lot of work.

Finally, we'll spend a bit of time talking about pair programming. We'll dispel the myths about this controversial practice, and show why any agile team must, out of sheer necessity, practice it properly.

Martin, 1h 21m In this episode we are going to dive deeper, deeper, and deeper into the way agile teams plan projects and iterations. You'll see, in action, the project kickoff meeting. You'll watch as Priscilla, the product owner, reviews the user stories for the team.

You'll be amazed at the skill and insight of Marty, the project manager, as he deftly guides the agenda. You'll hear Paula, the quality engineer, ensuring that stories are Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, and Small.

You'll be amazed as Ruby, Danny, and Jerry take the stories apart, estimate them, and negotiate schedule. You'll see it all. You'll see Iteration Zero. You'll see the estimation meeting, the backlog grooming meeting, and the iteration planning meeting.

You'll see a standup, design, architecture, pairing. There's just no end to what you will see in this episode. We'll talk about velocity, and how to recognize and diagnose pathologies. We'll talk about scope management, and story points, and iteration length, and We'll talk about a lot.

So, get ready for this one. Get ready for all the nitty gritty details of The Planning Game Part 2.

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Martin, 53m In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. This episode is all about planning a software project. Why do we plan? We plan so we can manage. What do we manage? We manage the deviations from the plan.


As Eisenhower said, the plan is eventually useless -- the predicted results are not realized. And yet, having a plan, and predicting results is indispensable. It is this fascinating oxymoron of planning and execution that this episode describes and explains.

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Describe the requirements for a health and safe workplace in terms of the physical environment and the equipment at a selected work organisation.

11/09/ Unit 4 Health and Safety at work act This purpose of this act is to regulate the health, (P2) (M1) The Government. Readbag users suggest that PDF is worth reading. The file contains page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

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