Write a c program for selection sort using functions in javascript

Therefore it seems to be recommend or assumed that it is better to write in a higher level language for these reasons and for the reason of better portability. Recently I've been writing in x86 assembly and it has dawned on me that perhaps these reasons are not really true, except perhaps portability.

Write a c program for selection sort using functions in javascript

The idea of templates is used in the container classes in the STL. Why would this be useful?

Sorting Algorithms: Selection Sort using JavaScript

Consider you create a function selectSort that sorts an array of items using the selection sort algorithm. When you define this function you would define the data type that it uses when you write it. Say you write it to sort an array of integers.

Great, now you can sort an array of integers using the selection sort. What if you want to sort an array of doubles?

You would have to define a second function called selectSort2 that sorts an array of floats. So you would have to define lots of sort methods. You would have to modify all of those functions.

This becomes impossible to maintain. Another problem, say you want to sort a vector? You would then have to write the function to sort a vector.

write a c program for selection sort using functions in javascript

This becomes imposssible to manage when you start creating array of objects. This is where templates are useful. You write the function once and let the compiler compile several different versions of the function that are needed.

This makes modification so much easier. The Selection Sort Let us first take a look at the selection sort. This is a very basic algorithm. The selection sort makes n-1 passes through the array.

On each pass through the array it finds the next smallest item in the array and keeps track of the index of the smallest item. Otherwise we introduce a temporary variable that is used to store one of the previous items, so we can swap the items in the array.

Here is the code for the selection sort for an array of integers. It contains n items.

Let us take a look at how this actually works. So the function call for this array would be: So we swap the item at index 4 with the item at index 0. This gives us the array: If I find a smaller item, I move the index of the smaller item into iMin. On this comparison we find that iMin is 1.

C++ Program Selection Sort

Since iMin is the same as the current i, the smallest item is already in the correct place. You can confirm this by looking at the array.

Is 2 in the correct spot in the sorted array? Our new array becomes: Looking at the last 3 items we notice that 4 is the smallest item is at index 5 so we swap index 5 and index 3.

This gives us this array: We notice that 5 is already in the correct place, so we do not move it. Now we are done. Well think about why should we?Program in the C programming language to sort all the elements in the array in the ascending order.

This programs uses the bubble sort method to sort the numbers in . C Programming Function Examples In this article, you'll find all necessary examples on C Programming functions (including recursion).

A function in C is a block of code that performs a specific task. Selection Sort Algorithm using C++. Selection Sort. Repeatedly searches for the largest value in a section of the data Moves that value into its correct position in a sorted section of the list. The selection sort algorithm sorts an array by repeatedly finding the minimum element (considering ascending order).

write a c program for selection sort using functions in javascript

from unsorted part and putting it at the beginning. The algorithm maintains two subarrays in a given array. Visualize Execution Live Programming Mode. lucky brand rewards terms and conditions last revised july 6, please read these lucky brand rewards terms and conditions (“terms and conditions”) carefully.

C++ Program to implement Selection Sort using Array